Our History & Our Team

In its 40 years, Los Angeles-based Davalan Fresh has
grown into one of our country’s leading wholesalers of
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables



In 1983, we combined our names and passion for produce to form Davalan Fresh, then known as Davalan Sales.

Davalan Fresh could be considered a rags to riches story, but for the fact that at the time of our forming, we didn’t even have a rag!

After cutting our teeth with a large produce brokerage, we left our jobs on a Friday and started the next Monday with zero credit, zero customers, one employee, and a small warehouse. We walked the market with cash in pocket to fill orders for our infant company.

From a little warehouse in Vernon, we focused on consolidating loads from small growers and other wholesalers and shipping to distributors.

In 1986, we purchased space at the Los Angeles Produce Market which allowed the company to expand operations into wholesaling along with expanding their existing shipping and consolidation activities.

In 1992, we expanded in the market, and in 2000 we purchased an additional warehouse minutes away for ripening, storage, shipping and logistics.
Throughout the years, our most important expansion has been that of its people. Our success has allowed us to form an amazing staff of dedicated produce professionals – many with over 20 years of experience, as well as being from agriculture families dating back several generations.

Bringing more than 1,000 different products to market every day, Davalan Fresh has been built on a foundation of strong grower and employee relationships and providing the finest quality, responsiveness, reliability, and value to our customers.



After graduating from UCLA and receiving an MBA from the
Anderson School at UCLA, Andrew has worked in the produce
industry for 25 years.

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(213) 327-2525

Guadalupe Smith

Accounts Receivable


Accounts Payable

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contact him at
(213) 623-2500